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Data Prep involves transferring CAD drawings from your standard engineering drawings into files that can be used by the surveyor to lay out and manage a site as well as files used for automatic machine control systems onboard the earth moving equipment itself. The use of automated machine control systems is quickly becoming the norm as the savings in construction costs can reach as much as 30% over conventional systems. Advantage Data Prep is a subsidiary of S.Young Design and was formed after GPS machine control company owners saw the models S.Young Design was creating for their own design purposes. S. Young Design has been modeling their own projects since 1990.

In 2011 Advantage Data Prep began making models and layout files for a list of prominent construction companies in Ontario. These models used for machine control are the same information needed to accurately calculate earth quantities needed to be moved onsite and how far. Advantage Data Prep currently builds models for many construction companies during the bid process, the results being a more accurate and competitive position for the contractor. Infact, speaking with the owner of Advantage Data Prep at the time of the creation of this article, he was not aware of any projects where the client used Advantage Data Prep during the bid process that were not awarded to the contractor.

The advantage to using Advantage Data Prep is the data prep specialist is not only a computer model expert but a multi-year construction manager and site designer as well. This experience helps to ensure that your Data Prep Specialist creates your project the way you will actually build. With the boom in machine control many software companies are selling their software as easy for the contractor to use to create his own data prep. However, as many have found there are many road blocks and issues arrive while creating accurate models needed to efficiently build a project.